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Using inquiry and problem-solving approaches, these learning experiences build upon students’ interests, support curricula, literacy and numeracy and foster children’s skill development.

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6 images of some work that a dietitian might do such as educating patients about how food affects their health


I Wonder How An Object Moves On Different Surfaces

Students predict and compare & contrast the effect of different surfaces on the distance an object travels.


I Wonder How To Make The Best Bubble Solution

Students observe and ask questions about bubble solutions and then conduct an inquiry to make solution that produces good bubbles.


I Wonder Which Materials Are Waterproof

Students observe a variety of materials to predict which ones are waterproof and plan a fair test for their predictions.


I Wonder What Material Can Clean Up Spills

Students observe a variety of materials, predict their absorbency by ranking them and conduct a fair test for their prediction.


I Wonder How I Can Describe Materials

Students observe a variety of materials and use appropriate vocabulary to describe their properties.


I Wonder How I Can Design And Build A Puppet

Students work collaboratively to design and build a puppet according to established criteria and from a variety of materials.


I Wonder Which Materials Can Help Keep Ice From Melting

Students investigate different materials to observe and predict which of them can keep ice from melting and then test their predictions.

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